11 Amazing Uses For Handheld Steam Cleaners

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All steam cleaners are designed to heat water to boiling point and use pressurized vapors to clean your home. It’s the world’s number 1 eco-friendly and chemical-free cleaning device. Making it the safest way to clean, for you and your family.   

Handheld steam cleaners are designed to be a lightweight, cheaper, mobile creation of their original factory design to clean floors and worktops but did you know it can do so much more?  

1 – Oven cleaning

Many people don’t clean their oven as regularly as they should and just leaving dried up food, batter or sauce mixtures can cause dirt and grease build-ups too difficult to just wipe away. Steam cleaning works deep into the dirt to soften any hard build-ups making it easily cleanable without any harsh chemicals that may contaminate food when next used.   

Picture of frost in a freezer.

2 – Defrosting Freezers

Is ice build-up getting too big? Too much ice can block cooling vents and their fans. Defrosting your freezer is a simple task but can be time-consuming, even sometimes having to leave the freezer overnight to defrost.

This may affect frozen food with having nowhere to store them. Using your handheld steam cleaner can take minutes to defrost using its hot gushes of steam.   

3 – Ice and Water Dispenser

Ice trapped or water tasting funny? Lots of people don’t realize in a home bacteria can get trapped and must be cleaned weekly. Many high-tech fridges have a self-cleaning system for their water filter but to be safe, using your handheld steam cleaner before the cycle can remove stuck ice and growing bacteria.

4 – BBQ Grills

We all enjoy the hot weather and getting the BBQ out but the cleaning process after is what puts many of us off from using it as often as we should. Cleaning your BBQ has never been easier with a handheld steam cleaner. 

The pressurized water vapors remove any leftover food and bacteria leaving it for a final wipe down before storing it away for next time. No metal brush or harsh chemicals are needed.   

5 – Hard Water Scales and Limescale

Hard water scales and limescale is produced when water evaporates leaving calcium and magnesium which leaves a dry white substance around kitchen taps and bathrooms.

Limescale is a hard substance to remove and if not cleaned properly can return quickly. Steam cleaners can remove visible limescale and non-visible limescale inside the pipes.   

6 – Wrinkle-Free Clothes 

What to do when your iron breaks and need to get rid of the wrinkles? Irons are part of the steam cleaning family and your handheld steam cleaner can do the same job. 

Hang your item of clothing in an open space and use steam cleaner from top to bottom and watch your wrinkles drop out.

7 – Window cleaning

Windows can get dirty very quickly with handprints, water scales, and dirt grime build-ups. What’s the point in paying for a window cleaner when you’ve got a steam cleaner? 

Steam cleaning can easily remove all glass stains. We recommend starting from the top and working your way down the glass frame, this stops any dirty water from pouring down clean areas.   

Picture of a woman holding a handheld steam cleaner.

8 – Glass Showers Screens

Large surfaces such as glass shower screens can take time to clean by hand and if left can form lime and hard water scale. Within minutes of using your handheld steam cleaner, the scaling softens and is easily removed with a microfiber cloth.

9 – Small cracks and corners

Do you know that one part of the kitchen or living room where you can’t quite reach? And end up leaving every time, well no more. Handheld steam cleaners are designed to be small and lightweight to assist you in reaching any difficult spot to clean. 

Steam cleaners can force pressurized water vapors into small gaps or cracks in surfaces where bacteria grow.  

10 – Removes wallpaper

Removing wallpaper can be a nightmare especially if the wallpaper has been up for years. Ripping wallpaper off the wall by hand can leave large patches of wallpaper stuck to the wall, from there it will need scrapping off with a special tool and can lead to wholes or chips in your walls. 

Using your steam cleaner first to dampen the wallpaper and melting the glue behind allows you to peel the paper off with ease. 

11 – Dishwashers

Your dishwasher can be used multiple times a day and when was the last time you properly cleaned yours out? Dishwashers, if not properly cleaned weekly can suffer from dirt and grime build-ups, bacteria from leftover foods, limescale damage within the pipes. 

Taking 5mins to simply steam clean within the dishwasher can remove food trapped in small gaps, soften limescale and grime build-ups. Then set your dishwasher to self-clean.  


The advantages of using steam cleaning are endless and changing from using traditional chemical methods won’t just benefit your home but also your family’s health. If interested in finding out about what your device can be used, Click Here. 

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