Can You Put Scented Water In A Steam Cleaner?

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I like the scent of a freshly cleaned house, and while steam cleaning has a lot of advantages, it doesn’t leave a smell that a good chemical cleaning will. So I began wondering if I could add scented water to a steam cleaner.

Fortunately, you can purchase scented water made for use in your steam cleaner, and that will be just perfect for the job. Don’t try to scent the water yourself, or you could cause problems

Are you curious if putting scented water in a steam cleaner is effective? Read this post to find out the answer! Plus, learn about some of the benefits of using a steam cleaner. Thanks for reading!

Why Would I Want To Use Scent In A Steam Mop?

Steam mops are great if you’re cutting back on chemicals (for the environment, for your health, or for the economic benefits), but they do lack something that many of us really enjoy when we have been cleaning – scent. Steam mops might make your floors spotless and clean, but they won’t make them smell fresh. 

Many people find that they miss the scent of detergent, lemon, bleach, or whatever else they usually mop with, and this takes some of the satisfaction out of having cleaned up.  

If you’re finding that you don’t get as much pleasure out of a freshly cleaned floor as you used to, you might be looking for a way to get that scent back. 

Picture of a floor steam cleaner with scented water.

What Should I Use To Scent A Steam Mop?

The only product you should use to give your mop a pleasant scent is one specifically designed for use in steam mops. When vaporized, these products won’t contain anything harmful to people, and it is also made to work without damaging the steam mop. 

Most people use distilled water in their steam mops, so this is a good option if you have already purchased a product and want a “clean” scent to go with your clean floors.  

There are many scents available, so you are bound to find one that will suit you, or you can purchase a variety and keep changing the smell. 

Making the house smell clean and feel clean is vital to many people, and scents have a lot of ability to lift our moods and make us feel better.  

Choose one of the tailored products, and you should soon have a floor that smells amazing and is squeaky clean, and sterile. This is the best way to get a pleasant scent while using your steam mop

Can I Use Soap In A Steam Mop?

If you have a soap that you especially like the smell of, you might be wondering if you can use it to scent the water in the mop. The answer is no; you would be better off not doing so.  

While some soaps might be okay, in general, you shouldn’t put any products into your steam mop unless they have been specially designed for it. 

Soap might clog up the inside of the steam mop and prevent it from working correctly. You might find that it goes moldy inside the mop, producing an unpleasant smell. 

Steam mops aren’t designed to have detergent of any kind put in them, and detergents aren’t intended to be put into steam mops!  

You should not combine the two; trust that your steam mop is cleaning without the extra help from the detergent and stick with distilled or scented water.

Can I Use Perfume In A Steam Mop?

Again, no, you should not use perfume in your steam mop for the same reasons. You might find that when heated by steam, the perfume doesn’t smell very nice, and it’s possible that chemicals in the perfume could be damaging to inhale in quantities. 

Perfume is not intended for use in this way, and you could damage your steam mop by adding it. 

Can I Use Essential Oils In A Steam Mop?

You should not put essential oils in your steam mop. While these may smell lovely and they do have uses around the home, oil might clog up the insides of your mop and is just not a good idea.

If you really want to use essential oil, you could add a few drops to the floor before you mop. The pad will push this around and help fill the room with the smell. 

Can I Use Vinegar In A Steam Mop?

Some people clean with vinegar, and you may be familiar with using it to de-scale your steam mop, but you shouldn’t put it in the steam mop.  

Again, it could harm the device, and while it probably won’t do any lasting damage, the mop isn’t designed for it. Also, inhaling hot vinegar fumes could be an unpleasant experience! 

Final thoughts

If you want a scented product in your steam mop, use dedicated scented water. This is safe and effective, and there are many different smells available to suit your preference. 

Below is a YouTube video you may find helpful.

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