How to Clean Vertical Blinds Without Removing Them?

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Vertical blinds are a modern solution, more customizable than curtains, and cleaning them is also considerably easier!

You may already know how to clean blinds after removing them, but how about while they’re still hanging above the window?

This can reduce the hassle, as you won’t have to close them, take them down, soak them, scrub them, and dry them off. 

How to Clean Vertical Blinds Without Removing Them With a Steam Cleaner

You’d be surprised at how dirty vertical blinds can get, providing a surface for dust, dust mites, dandruff, and even mold and mildew.

These can all affect your health, and the quality of your air.

Fortunately, you can swiftly eliminate them with a steam cleaner. Either hire a professional or buy a steam cleaner yourself (it’s sure to come in handy again later). To reduce the most allergens, try to find one with a HEPA filter! 

So, here’s how to clean vertical blinds without removing them, with a steam cleaner: 

  • Open the blinds. This is so that you can see the tops and bottoms of the blinds clearly; fortunately, you should also have plenty of light from the window!  
  • Fill the steam cleaner with fresh water. Before you start your steam cleaner up, fill the reservoir with fresh water. This will work much better than stale (even just day-old) water. 
  • Choose your hose attachment. Place the attachment of your choice on the hose, before you start your steam cleaner. Brushes are ideal, and detail brushes are even better (as these will really let you get the nooks and crannies). 
  • Start the steam cleaner. Plug your steam cleaner in and turn it on. It should be ready to go now! 
  • Steam clean the blinds from top to bottom. This will ensure that you catch any dust and other debris that may fall onto the blinds below! 
  • Dry the blinds off. Once you’re done steam each blind, you’ll want to dry it off. Otherwise, more dust might stick to the wet surface, from the air itself. This will also leave the blinds with a streak-free luster! 

How to Clean Vertical Blinds Without Removing Them?

Here are some quick and effective ways to clean vertical blinds, without their removal: 

1. Dust Them

When dusting your blinds, it’s important to work from the top to the bottom. This is because some of the dust is sure to rain down on the lower blinds, so working from top to bottom is the best way to keep the dust in check.  

First, open your blinds. This is so that you have easy access to both the top and the underside of each blind. The best dusters for vertical blinds are wool or microfiber. Swipe every blind on top, and then under! 

2. Wipe Them With a Rag

There’s also the old fashion wipe-down with a rag, although it’s a bit messier. This will require a fine rag, and a gentle soap or cleaner. Once again, scrub the vertical blinds from top to bottom; also, focus on the nooks and crannies around the strings that hold them together. 

Remember to rinse the rag out every few blinds, so you’re working with nice, clean water! 

3. Vacuum Them

When it comes to how to clean vertical blinds without removing them, you may not have considered your vacuum cleaner. This is a quick-and-easy way to suck up dust, crumbs, dead bugs, etc.

For best results, try a fine brush attachment (and work from top to bottom, as always). Some vacuums even have special dusting attachments, if you take a look! 

4. Steam Clean Them (The Best Way)

Last, but certainly not least, we have the heavy-duty steam cleaner. This will deep-clean your blinds like no other! A steam cleaner can get into the nooks and crannies, eliminating dirt and other gunk. 

Along with any dust and grime, a good steam cleaning will eliminate dust mites, mildew, mold, and more. This will leave your blinds sparkling and cleaner than ever! 

Eliminating dust, dust mites, and mold, and mildew from your blinds will also reduce the amount of these allergens present in the air. As a result, a good steam cleaning will enable you, your family, and your pets to breathe easier! 

The Environmentally Friendly Steam Cleaner

Unlike mainstream cleaners, which contain harsh chemicals, all that a steam cleaner truly requires is water. With just hot water, it can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and make quick work of dust, grease, and more!

Mainstream cleaners, on the other hand, contain bleach, ammonia, and even VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in order to kill bacteria off. Some even contain ingredients known to cause cancer!  

Fortunately, there’s no need to introduce these toxins, if you hire a professional steam cleaner (or do it yourself). 

Blinds Require Low Heat From a Steam Cleaner

The last thing you’ll need to know is that, for blinds, the steam cleaner should be kept on a lower heat (such as 175 F rather than 250 F). Otherwise, they can potentially bend or warp. With a little know-how, this shouldn’t be an issue, however! 

So, there you have it: how to clean vertical blinds without removing them. You can use something basic, to get rid of grime and dust, like a duster or rag.

Or, you can give them a super-hygienic deep clean, leaving them fresh and sparkling, with a multi-purpose steam cleaner! 

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