Peppermint Oil – How To Make And Repel Bugs

Peppermint oil has been used for centuries and for good reasons.

Peppermint isn’t just good for repelling unwanted household pests but it’s also a natural Disinfectant, Anti-fungal, Antibacterial for cleaning and removing food-based bacteria.

Apart from its amazing antibacterial properties peppermint releases a strong, fresh, and clean aroma which has been shown through research to reduce the risk of catching viruses.

The Peppermint plant is now one of the most known and researched plants, from its essential oils (used for many health benefits) to the leaves used in our teas.

  • But did you know it can be used as an eco-friendly insect repellent?

Peppermint oil is a naturally grown essential oil that can be used as an eco-friendly and chemical-free alternative to repelling any unwanted household insects and rodents.

Peppermint oil is the best alternative to big, branded chemical-filled repellents. Peppermint is cheap, effective, and can be made at home using household items.

Picture of glass bottles filled with peppermint oil.

Can Peppermint Repel Rodents and Insects?

Have problems with unwanted visitors?

Peppermint has been used as a naturally grown ingredient used in insect and rodent repellents for many years.

We don’t know why but the refreshing, mint smell is known to be super offensive to ants, aphids, bed bugs, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, fleas, fruit flies, gnats, head lice, moths, spiders, wasps; peppermint can actually keep away most pests.

A study published by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine proved that applying peppermint oil to the skin can repel Mosquitos and protect arms from Mosquito bites for up to 150 minutes. 

The Peppermint stick insect (known as Megacrania batesii) is a stick insect that is part of the Phasmatodea family, most commonly found in northern Australia.

It’s an unusual species with a chemical defense mechanism that produces an odor that resembles the peppermint smell. This is a defensive action the insect takes when under attack to repel any pests.

How To Make Peppermint Oil Repellent Spray (Chemical-Free)

A peppermint oil spray is simple but effective and can be made with 2 ingredients.

Fill any standard 500ml spray bottle with 450ml of cold water and add 15 drops of essential peppermint oil. Shake the bottle gently, until mixed thoroughly. Make sure to test your peppermint spray in a small, contained area and adjust the measurement of ingredients where necessary.

Check out this YouTube video for a more visual guide on making Peppermint Oil.

Peppermint is super effective against most insects and rodents, repelling them with its strong, refreshing mint aroma.

Note that some other repellent sprays can be more effective to a specific breed of insect or rodent.

Other essential oil sprays such as Lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, cinnamon oil, and tea tree oil can all be made into a naturally grown, eco-friendly, and chemical-free insect and rodent repellent by following the quick and easy process above.

How long does peppermint oil repellent last?

It’s okay making a homemade insect repellent or just a spray to freshen up your home but does it last?

The peppermint aroma around the house is known to last between 2-4 days depending on how pure the extract of the oil is.

Peppermint essential oil is extracted from the peppermint plant which is used to make an eco-friendly and chemical-free insect repellent that’s super effective and long-lasting.

A study published by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine proved that applying peppermint oil to the skin outdoors can repel insects like mosquitos for up to 150mins by only applying a few drops to one part of your body.

Asian Pacific talks about how they apply peppermint oil only to his right arm and the strong aroma cover, shields his whole body from mosquitos.

Eco-Friendly Storage

Today, more than ever, it’s crucial that our economy turns toward an eco-friendlier way of life by changing our old ways.

Why make a chemical-free essential oil spray for your home and then put it in a plastic spray bottle? Even though most plastic bottles these days are completely recyclable only 7 out of the 30 types of plastic are recyclable.

So, have you ever thought of using glass containers around your home? You can buy glass bottles to store your essential oils from Amazon at a decent price.

Glass containers are made from naturally occurring ingredients. It’s a strong, waterproof material that is great for containing food, drinks, and other substances e.g., chemicals and medication.

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be crushed, melted down, and reshaped infinitely to be reused and refilled.

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