Do Pool Leaf Nets Work? The 7 Best Swimming Pool Leaf Nets

I was visiting a neighbor and noticed he used a swimming pool net over his pool, and it piqued my interest. It looks like it could be difficult to use, but maybe it’s worth considering? We have trees all around our pool and I’m constantly scooping them out.

Leaf nets are swimming pool accessories designed to keep leaves and other debris from entering the pool. While they are not 100% effective, they can help to reduce the amount of work required to keep the pool clean.

Leaf nets are usually installed over the swimming pool, and they can be purchased in a variety of sizes. In most cases, the leaf net will need to be removed and cleaned on a regular basis.

However, this is typically much easier than trying to remove leaves and debris from the pool itself. Overall, a leaf net can be a helpful tool for keeping a swimming pool clean and operational.

As you can see from the picture below, we have a lot of trees, mulch, and general debris near our pool.

Picture of our swimming pool.

If you live in areas where you do not need special winter pool covers, you can use a standalone leaf net to prevent leaves and twigs from falling in the water. Most importantly, pool leaf nets also prevent snakes and rodents from falling into the pool.

In this guide, we will talk about:

  • What are pool leaf nets and what do they do?
  • What are the best ones on the market right now?
  • Are there any downsides to using pool leaf nets that you should be aware of before purchasing one for your swimming pool?
  • And more…

What Are Pool Leaf Nets and What Do They Do?

If you have left maintaining your pool regularly, you know the struggle it takes for cleaning it. An uncovered pool is a surefire invitation to debris such as leaves, twigs, branches, and even snakes and rodents. If your pool is near tall and mature trees that shed heavily, then a pool leaf net is a must-have.

Pool leaf nets eliminate the hassles that come with swimming pool ownership. They prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from flying into your pool and settling down where they invite bacteria, fungi, and algae to grow over them.

When this happens the debris can also clog your pool’s skimmer basket and damage your filter which can be expensive to fix. To prevent this you need to either keep up with scooping the leaves from the surface or use an automatic pool cleaner to remove the ones on the bottom.

But if you use a pool leaf net it will dramatically reduce the time it takes to clean your pool. You can use them with winter covers during the cold months when you do not use the pool. They can also be installed standalone in warmer months to keep your pool water clean and to protect your pool’s pump and filters from getting clogged with debris.

Pool mesh works as leaf catchers and traps larger debris like leaves and twigs. At the same time, they allow rainwater in the pool. You can easily sweep or blow away the debris from the top of the leaf net using a leaf blower and reduce the backbreaking effort that goes into pool leaf removal.

What are The Best Pool Leaf Nets on the Market? 7 Best Brands

There are many manufacturers of pool leaf nets but below are 7 of the best-rated brands known for their durable and efficient pool products.

Harris Pool Products

Harris Pool Products make winter pool covers, pool pumps, and filters. Their lineup of pool products is designed to keep your pool in optimum condition all year long. They sell their products on many retail sites including Amazon, eBay, etc. 

Harris Pool Products use the latest technology to keep your pool in top condition. They are designed to have minimum maintenance. As far as pool covers go, they make them for in-ground and above-ground pools as well.

Here are our top picks:

Harris Pool Products Professional-Grade Leaf Nets for In-Ground Pools

This leaf net is specifically designed for inground swimming pools. It makes cleaning your pool easy because it’s lightweight, and easy to remove and install, it’s also made to last. This durable net is double-reinforced and resistant to rot and mold. 


  • UV inhibition
  • Rot-resistant
  • Double-reinforced with tight, strong webbing
  • 4 feet larger than standard in-ground pool nets
  • Can be used with most winter pool covers for added protection.

Harris Pool Products also make leaf net covers for above-ground pools.

If you have a circular above-the-ground pool, you need Harris Above Ground Pool Leaf Net Cover

to prevent that ugly swamp-like buildup. It is so lightweight that you can easily carry it in one arm. This makes it easy to store when the net is not in use.

  • Available in 9 sizes for circular above-ground pools ranging from 12’ to 33’ ft diameters. The cover is approximately 3’ feet larger than standard above-ground pools.
  • Tight, strong webbing
  • UV and rot-resistant material
  • Reinforced for durability

Harris Pool Products also make oval-shaped pool leaf nets.

Harris Deluxe Leaf Net for 18’x34′ Above Ground Oval Pool also has a tight webbing. It is rot and UV resistant and very lightweight. 

Blue Wave 18-ft x 36-ft Rectangular Leaf Net In Ground Pool Cover

Blue Wave 

Blue Wave makes various patio and pool products including loungers, chairs, ladders, solar covers, floats, shuffleboards, toys, saunas, spas, etc.

They also retail their products on Amazon and other top retailer stores. 

Here are their leaf net products for in-ground and above-ground pools.

Blue Wave 18-ft x 36-ft Rectangular Leaf Net In Ground Pool Cover

This pool net is about 4 feet larger than the size of standard pools to help cover them completely.


  • Black mesh fabric but also available in solid cover style
  • Tightly woven net to prevent smallest of leaves
  • 20 x 40 feet to cover a pool of size 18 x 36 feet. You also get 23 x 41 feet solid and mesh covers

For above-ground pools, go in for Blue Wave BWC504 18-ft Round Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover. These can cover pools that are 21 feet in diameter. 


  • Cover size 21 feet – 3 feet overlap for standard above ground pools
  •  Heavy-duty polyethylene fabric. Includes a winch tightener and cable

Buffalo Blizzard Leaf Net Covers

Buffalo Blizzard Pool covers are available on many retail sites including Walmart, Amazon, etc. they come with ¼” holes that stop most leaves and debris from entering the pool.


  • Vinyl coated cable and turnbuckle to secure the mesh net
  • ¼” net cover holes – stop debris but allow rainwater
  • Available for 15’, 18’, and 21’ above ground pools and for 12 x 20 feet rectangular in-ground pools. Additional 3’ overlap

In The Swim

In The Swim was founded by a husband-wife team in 1982. They sell pool clarifying chemicals, cleaning equipment, filters, heaters, lights, floats, covers, liners, etc.

They are known for their highest customer satisfaction and are dedicated to selling high-quality pool accessories.

Their range of pool covers includes leaf nets, solar covers, winter covers, and child safety covers. All these products are available on retail sites like Walmart and Amazon.

In The Swim 20 x 40 Foot Rectangle Swimming Pool Leaf Net Cover


  • Made from durable knitted polyethylene
  • Includes cables for tightening the net
  • Size – 20 x 40 ft

Also, check out their above-ground pool leaf net.

In The Swim Swimline 18 Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Leaf Net Top Cover


  • Also available for 15 and 24’ feet diameters above ground pools
  • Made from durable knitted polyethylene

Doheny’s Deluxe Leaf Nets

Doheny’s has been around since the 1960s. They have decades of experience in the swimming pool industry and have been supplying high-quality pool products for over 50 years.  The brand is well known for its cleaning chemicals, water conditioners, pumps, and filters, and also for eliminating the hassles and guesswork that come with pool maintenance!

Doheny makes professional-grade leaf nets that not only prevent your pool from swamp-like buildup but also protect it from UV damage and rot. 

You can use them standalone or with winter covers for additional protection in the cold months.

Doheny’s Professional Grade Leaf Nets for In-Ground Swimming Pools 


  •  Double reinforced
  • Rot and UV resistant
  • Tight weave
  • Available in many different sizes for pools measuring 16 x 32, 14 x 28, 25 x 50, 15 x 30, 18 x 36, 16 x 34, 24 x 44, 30 x 60 feet.

Winter Block

Winter Block is mainly known for winter pool covers but they also have a line of leaf nets for inground and above-ground pools.


  • Durable woven Polyethylene mesh covers
  • For above-ground pools, sizes available range from 10 to 33 feet in diameter. All above-ground nets have a 1.5’ overlap to cover the pool properly.
Robelle 332545R Platinum Winter Pool Cover for In-Ground Swimming Pools, 25 x 45-ft. In-Ground Pool


Robelle Leaf Nets are priced higher than their competitors because of their extra heavy-duty binding, reinforced mesh, tight woven polyethylene fabric, and a 4’ overlap that provides complete coverage.

These features keep leaves and twigs out of your water and make your pool cleanup a lot simpler.


  • Lightweight and durable mesh netting
  • 4’ ft overlap
  • Available in 10 sizes for in-ground pools ranging from 16 x 24 ft to 30 x 50 ft.

How to Install a Pool Leaf Net Properly for the Best Results?

Here are the steps to install a pool leaf net for inground pool

Inground Pool Leaf Net Installation Steps

  • Unfold the pool leaf net.
  • Take the help of a partner.
  • You can first place the winter cover and add the leaf net over the winter cover.
  • Pull the leaf net over the pool
  • Secure the cover using the winter covers’ water bags or weights
  • Most leaf nets come with loops or ties that you can secure around the weights
  • Use the water bags to pin the leaf net in place
  • Secure the entire leaf net along the circumference of the pool
  • It is recommended that you remove the net before the first major snowfall.

Check out the YouTube video below for details on installing your pool leaf net.

Above-ground Pool Leaf Net Installation Steps

Here are the steps to install a pool leaf net for above ground pool

  • Unfold the leaf net.
  • Weave the cable provided through the mesh’s eye hooks provides on the net’s circumference – you can weave in and out through the eye hooks.
  • Start spreading the net over your above-ground pool. Pull it from all sides so that you get complete coverage.
  • Once the entire pool is covered with the net, pass the two ends of the cable through the grommet provided. You can tighten the grommet and cut off the excess cables if you want or simply leave them hanging.

Are There Any Downsides to Using Pool Leaf Nets That You Should Be Aware of Before Purchasing One for Your Swimming Pool?

Mesh net leaf pool covers are designed to sit tightly over your inground or above-ground pools. They greatly reduce your pool cleanup hassles by preventing larger debris like twigs and leaves from entering your pool’s water. This can also prevent your pool’s pumps from clogging up.

The downside to placing pool leaf nets is that the leaves remain sitting on the top of the covers and you need to be proactive in blowing them off. Failure to do so will allow rainwater to drip down and percolate from the leaves into the pool carrying the organic matter, bacteria, and fungi into the water.

This could subsequently result in algae on your pool’s walls. In short: you may be closing your pool to leaves and twigs but opening it up to algae. Moreover, the mesh does not stop finer debris so you might still find sediment or sand in the bottom of the pool.

Conclusion – Do Pool Leaf Nets Work?

Everyone enjoys spending time swimming and playing in a clean pool. To ensure the best experience, whether you own an in-ground or above-ground pool; a pool leaf net is the best investment you can make.

Leaf nets prevent leaves, twigs, bugs, snakes, rodents, and other debris from entering your pool. Most importantly, they prevent your pool’s filter from clogging. In addition pool leaf net covers make maintaining your swimming pools a breeze.

They reduce the swamp-like buildup in pools in the winter months and make spring cleanup easier. Pool leaf nets are especially a must-have during the fall months when leaves contaminate the pool and invite algae growth.

Today, there are many great brands of pool leaf nets such as Doheny’s, Harris, and In The Swim available.

We hope this guide helps you install and use your pool leaf net and protect your pool from becoming a swamp!

FAQs – Do Pool Leaf Nets Work?

How does a pool leaf net work?

Pool leaf nets are made of fine mesh polypropylene or polyethylene material. The mesh catches bugs, leaves, twigs, and other larger debris preventing them from entering the pool while allowing rainwater into the pool.

Can I use a pool leaf net without a pool cover?

Yes, you can use pool leaf nets standalone as long as you blow away the leaves collected on them as soon as possible. This is important to prevent organic matter and bacteria from percolating into the pool. In winter, you can use the net over a winter pool safety cover.

How do you remove leaves easily from the pool cover?

The best way to remove leaves from the pool cover is to cover your pool with a leaf net and use a powerful leaf blower to remove them. Naturally, this method will not work well if the leaves are too wet.

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