How Much Time is Needed to Clean a Hotel Room?

When we got to our hotel in Ft. Walton Beach Florida, they told us that the room was being cleaned and it could take up to three hours. It really shouldn’t take anyone more than an hour or so right?

Hotel room cleaning times vary depending on the size of the room and the level of cleaning that is required. However, professional cleaning staff should clean an average-sized hotel room in less than an hour.

When you’re on vacation, it’s important to relax and enjoy yourself. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a hotel that offers clean rooms. But how much time does it actually take to clean a room? Keep reading to find out!

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How long does it take to clean one hotel room?

When people think of housekeeping, they often think of the women who clean hotel rooms. These workers are responsible for making sure that each room is clean and ready for guests.

How long does it take to clean one hotel room? It depends on the size of the room and how much work needs to be done. Typically, it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to clean a standard-sized hotel room.

Of course, there may be times when more work is needed and the room takes longer to clean. But this gives you a general idea of how long it takes to clean a hotel room.

To obtain a pristine environment, the housekeeper starts by cleaning each hotel room in stages. The first step is to open the curtains and turn on all the lights so they can see well. Then, the linen and dirty dishes are removed, as well as the garbage.

Next, the bathroom is sprayed liberally with antibacterial cleaning products, covering all surfaces, and then the housekeeper goes to the bedroom to sanitized the furniture and surfaces with disinfectant and anti-grease products.

The rugs or floors are vacuum-cleaned and other facilities such as stationery, and towels are replaced. After this is completed she goes back to the bathroom to wipe down all the surfaces she sprayed earlier.

Although it is a lot of work, the housekeeping staff can usually complete the job in 45 minutes for a room that a guest has checked out of, and in only 10-15 minutes for rooms that guests are staying over for another night.

How many rooms should a housekeeper clean in a day?

Housekeeping is a challenging job. Not only do you have to clean, but you also have to manage your time well so that everything gets done. It takes a lot of effort, training, and experience to clean hotel rooms efficiently.

While some rooms only require conventional cleaning and item replacement, others may contain mountains of trash besides guests’ clothing and belongings littered every inch of the space. Cleaning a hotel room is different than cleaning a room in your house.

Therefore, the role of the housekeeper is essential to evaluate the work and propose improvements in the routine of cleaning the rooms.

The housekeeper tidies, cleans, and sanitizes the hotel’s rooms and common areas, providing for the well-being of guests in their accommodations. On average, a housekeeper cleans 12 to 13 rooms a day.

How Frequently are Hotel Rooms Deep Cleaned?

It’s no secret that hotel rooms are often not deep cleaned as frequently as they should be. In fact, a recent study revealed that many hotels only deep clean their rooms every few months.

On average, deep cleaning should occur at least once a month and preferably twice a month especially with so many commutable diseases today. Failure to regularly deep clean rooms can be a major problem for guests, as it can lead to the spread of bacteria and other germs.

So if you’re planning on staying in a hotel room soon, make sure you check out their cleaning policy beforehand.

Deep cleaning addresses four main areas; carpets and floors, windows and walls, furniture and fixtures, and linen and laundry. It does take time to deep clean a room but it’s worth it for the safety of guests.

How long does it take to deep clean a hotel room?

The process of cleaning goes far beyond just making everything smell nice and look clean; there is an artistry that must be applied for this type of service because one size does not fit all.

Deep cleaning is not a quick, one-time fix; it is an ongoing process that must be considered at all customer touchpoints in a room. Therefore, by proactively identifying areas of the room that require more extensive cleaning, you can ensure exceeding your guests’ expectations.

Usually, deep cleaning of a hotel’s room takes 2 to 3 hours depending on how many housekeepers have been assigned, square feet, and the condition of the amenities present in the room. For deep cleaning, housekeepers maintain a checklist that batter defines the time it will for deep cleaning.

Is There a COVID Cleaning Policy?

With the recent rise of disease, hygiene is more important than ever. Many hotels are now deep cleaning their rooms between each guest’s visits.

To ensure the hotel you plan to stay in has a COVID cleaning policy I suggest you contact their office and ask. For the hoteliers, I suggest you implement a rigorous COVID policy because customers will share their experiences on social media.

The opinions your customers leave on social networks are vital for maintaining a good reputation and your business success; therefore it’s essential to know all sanitary regulations as well how best to handle any problems that may arise.

In the current Covid scenario, there is a general policy guideline for every hotel regardless of size and facilities, which includes a thorough sanitization of all touchpoints before and after room occupancy.

A disinfectant wipe is recommended to go over high-touch areas, including phones, remote control, electric switches, bathroom countertop, and door handles. The housekeeping staff should use the protections individually and there should not be an exchange of uniforms strictly.

They must keep recommended social distancing (1.5 meters approx.) and should dispose of gloves, masks, net caps, and front sheets (if applicable) every time they come in direct contact with the customers.  

Providing cleaning services to hotels

Maintaining a clean and tidy environment is important for both guests and employees of a hotel. Hotel cleaning services play an important role in keeping everything looking nice.

Whether it’s vacuuming carpets, scrubbing floors, or cleaning bathrooms, these professionals help keep the hotel running smoothly. And, of course, their work also contributes to making guests feel comfortable and welcomed during their stay.

Cleaning hotel rooms can be your business’s calling card. Small details can make all the difference, building customer loyalty or creating a negative image, making them not come back.

Bearing in mind that the hotel sector has undergone important changes in recent years, with new accommodation models and more functional rooms, we know that competition is high.

But if you have a proven track record and a good crew you could make inroads in the hospitality cleaning service business. And it’s not just the price that counts for the customer to make the final decision.

In today’s business landscape many corporations are looking for ways to transition from hourly employees to contractors. The quality of the service and the cleanliness of the room have an influence, especially because they are points that are always highlighted on review sites.

Cleanliness helps provide a pleasant experience for guests and even creates a fond memory of the hotel. It is super important that managers and cleaning teams work together, always seeking a common goal: to meet customer demand and create a differentiated environment.

Picture of a manager going over a cleaning checklist in a hotel room.

Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist

Do you ever stay in a hotel and wonder how the staff can keep everything so clean? Well, there is a reason they are able to do this, they rely on a cleaning checklist.

And if you intend to run a cleaning staff you need to ensure you have a good system. Check out this hotel room cleaning checklist to see what needs to be done each day.

  • Open all windows for proper ventilation
  • Pick up all the waste that customers have left
  • Remove all used bedding, rugs, and towels and send them to the laundry section
  • Dust the entire room. With the help of a long-handled duster, dust the entire room from ceiling to floor
  • Check the light and fan connections.
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Clean the window areas.
  • Make the perfect beds for a sound sleep with clean and ironed clothes
  • Clean the room furniture.
  • Clean walls, doors, and floor.
  • Last, sweep and mop the bedroom and bathroom floors.

Note: A checklist is also helpful for cleaning your home.


How many rooms does a hotel maid clean a day?

Hotel housekeepers, or maids, typically clean between 10 and 14 rooms per day. However, it could be more or less depending on the size of the rooms and the housekeeper’s cleaning experience.

Do hotel maids get paid per room?

Some hotels pay maids a flat rate for each room they clean as a way to encourage employees to work faster. However, paying per room is also a method big hotel chains use to skirt employee benefits.

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