Can You Walk on a Pool Safety Cover? Plus the 5 Best

Pool safety covers enhance the safety of your property by preventing your pets and kids from falling into the swimming pool. They also keep out debris such as leaves, dirt, and twigs, but are pool safety covers strong enough to hold your weight?

You can walk on many pool covers if they are installed properly and made from sturdy material. However, you should only do so if absolutely necessary and never play or jump on them. You could damage your cover or fall into the pool if it gives way.

But it does need some maintenance every now and again like when leaves or snow accumulates on it. When this occurs you may have to walk on the cover to clean it off.

Picture of a pool safety cover.

In this guide, we will cover:

  • How strong are pool safety covers? Can you fall through a pool cover?
  • Should you remove snow from a pool cover?
  • Best pool safety covers

How Strong Are Pool Safety Covers?

Swimming pools are a great way to cool off during the summer, but they can also be dangerous. Every year, children drown in swimming pools and the addition of a pool safety cover are can prevent this from happening.

Most are made of heavy-duty materials that can support the weight of several children. A well-designed pool safety cover has an anchor system that keeps them securely in place. When installed correctly, pool safety covers can provide a high level of protection.

However, it is important to remember that they are not infallible. They should always be used in combination with other safety measures, such as fencing and life jackets. In the following sections, I discuss the different types of pool safety covers:

Automatic pool safety covers

Automatic pool covers that meet ASTM F1346-91 standards are designed to hold a weight of almost 485 lb. – this is equivalent to the weight of two adults and one child. 

High-quality automatic pool covers also undergo various tests, especially the Perimeter Detection test which ensures that any opening in the cover is too small for an object to fall through.

Automatic pool covers are safe enough to walk on but only for the purpose of cleaning or rescuing someone. They are certainly not meant to be jumped or played upon. Placing excess weight on an automatic cover excessively and unnecessarily puts it at risk of cracking or breaking.

Manual pool safety covers 

These are usually made with sturdy polypropylene having superior tensile strength (most come with a break strength of about 4000 lb.) However, this is not the weight they are made to hold.

If properly installed, they could be walked over – but only for the purpose of removing debris and snow.

A small dog of about 30 lbs. could also safely walk over a manual pool cover. Some people have even had deer in their backyard walking over these covers. Many a toddler has been saved from falling into the pool after darting into the yard.

Most polypropylene mesh safety covers are able to withstand heavy snowfall as well (more on this later). However, very heavy individuals or anyone weighing over 200 lb. is likely to fall in or at least get wet if they were to walk over a polypropylene pool safety cover that sags due to the weight.

Thermal pool cover/thermal blankets

Thermal pool blankets are designed to float over the surface of the pool to keep the water warm. These should not be walked over. In fact; according to a report by EuroSafe, thermal pool covers are known to increase the risk of submergence and drowning especially since toddlers seem to get enticed by these floating pool covers.

Pool leaf net covers

These are not safety covers per se, but more of the protective type of pool cover designed to capture leaves and debris. Pool leaf nets should not be walked over at all.

They are flimsy and only designed to hold leaves, twigs, and other small objects. They certainly cannot withstand the weight of an adult or even a child.

Picture of our swimming pool.

Can You Fall Through a Pool Cover?

Pool safety covers are of different types and not all of them are walking surfaces. So, yes, you could fall through them.

Some covers like leaf nets are made of mesh and not even strong to hold a child’s weight. A child could easily slip and get trapped under a polypropylene cover.

Puddles of water formed over solid pool covers may also be enough to drown a small pet or child. Polypropylene pool covers are safe enough for walking over only for the purpose of cleaning.

However, it’s important that you don’t jump or run over them as they could cause you to get wet or even fall through. Automatic pool covers are the safest as they are ASTM certified to withhold up to 485 lb.

Even then, you should only walk over them for rescuing someone or to clean debris. Unnecessary walking should be strictly avoided to risk weakening the cover and causing cracks in it.

Should You Remove Snow From a Pool Cover?

A snow pool cover helps you winterize your pool and reduce the maintenance required in the warmer months. However, the cover itself could get damaged by heavy snowfall and could even pop out the pool’s cover anchors.

If you live in a heavy snow area, you may want to install a pool cover sump pump to remove heavy snow piled up on the top. If you do not have a pool cover pump, you may want to manually brush off the light snow with a broom or use a leaf blower to blow it away.

If the snow has formed a solid ice sheet on the cover, wait for it to melt. Failure to remove snow could lead to severe damage to the cover. The snow would melt and convert into ice that could poke through the cloth cover and tear or rip it apart.

This is why, in the case of automatic pool covers, a sump pump is mandatory to install in areas with heavy snow. This is to prevent snow from accumulating on the cover leading to cracks and permanent damage.

In short: no matter what type of pool safety cover you have, you must not ignore the snow sitting on it, don’t assume it won’t damage your pool cover.

Best Pool Safety Covers

Picture of a pool safety cover.

HappyBuy Pool Safety Cover

HappyBuy pool safety cover is made using heavy-duty polypropylene that is soft yet tough. It has a high tensile strength to prevent kids and pets from falling into the pool. 

It comes with a 2-feet overlap on all sides so your pool is properly covered without the material stretching or tearing. The cover is also double-strapped and triple-stitched for enhanced safety.

HappyBuy Pool safety cover features have a tight mesh design that still allows water to pass through ensuring no rotting of leaves. It also has a drill and tamp-style brass anchoring system – so you do need a hammer drill to make the holes.


  • High tensile strength polypropylene mesh
  • Green color
  • Triple stitched with double straps
  • Non-corrosive hardware (brass ground bolts and stainless steel tension springs)
  • Straps extendable from 17.7 to 25.6 ft.
  • Available sizes: 20 x 40 ft, 14 x 26 ft, 16 x 30 ft, 16 x 32 ft, 18 x 36 ft, 16 x 40ft


  • Powerful mesh design keeps snow, debris, and leaves out while also keeping water warm in winters
  • Enhanced safety for pets and kids
  • Durable and solid construction


  • You need a unique bit size for the drill for proper installation.

How it compares

Why spend thousands of dollars on a pool company for covering the pool when you can get a sturdy pool safety cover for half the price? The HappyBuy Pool Safety Cover is available in different sizes and comes with a 2-feet overlap for complete coverage.

Its high tensile strength is sure to enhance your yard’s safety while keeping debris out of your pool. The price is reasonable as well and its durability means you will be getting quite a few years out of it.

Picture of a swimming pool cover.

Lite Strong Inground Safety Pool Cover

 This mesh, in-ground pool from Lite Strong is designed to keep you and your family safe from the pool in the off-season. Moreover, it can also prevent debris from falling into the pool.

You get two color choices in this safety pool cover and it is also available in different sizes for pools measuring 18’ x 36’, 16’ x 32’ etc. Each cover has an overlap of 2 feet over the standard dimensions for complete coverage.


  • Two-ply mesh with reinforced wear strips on the underside to prevent friction.
  • Comes with brass anchors and spring fasteners for securing the cover
  • 55 lb. shipping weight
  • Includes all tools needed for the installation
  • Two-color choices
  • 2 feet overlap for each size (16 x 32 feet, 18 x 36 feet, and 20 x 40 feet)


  • Durable
  • Value for money


  • Requires better install instructions.

How it compares

Local pool companies often charge $1500 to $3000 for pool cover installation. DIY installing the Lite Strong Inground Safety Pool Cover will cost half as much. Its 2-ply mesh allows water through and prevents rotting leaves.

It also has superior tensile strength to prevent tears and damage. The rubber underside helps prevent abrasion. All of these features keep the cover durable and long-lasting. On the downside, its installation is slightly tricky.

WaterWarden Safety Inground Pool Cover 

WaterWarden is well-known for its sturdy inground safety covers that are made from durable mesh fabric and also UL classified in accordance with ASTM F1346-91safety standards.

For enhanced safety and durability, each cover comes with double strapping that is triple stitched and also has a manual X-tacking for further reinforcement. Requires a hammer drill and 3/4 masonry long shaft drill bit but includes everything else needed for the installation.

You get a choice of different colors and textures in Water Warden Safety covers.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy mesh construction with 2-ply stitching and x-tacking having a break strength of 4000 lb.
  • 4 color/texture options
  • All straps come with non-corrosive aluminum tips
  • UL-classified to meet ASTM F1346-91 standards
  • Installation hardware included – tamping tool, installation rod, hex key


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Keeps debris out and allows rainwater in
  • Easy to follow instructions


The springs along the edges need to be tightened every few days, or else they tend to sag.

How it compares

WaterWarden Safety Inground Pool Cover is very sturdy and well-made. It meets the ASTM rating and follows the highest safety standards. The pool cover is easy to DIY install but you need to buy the drill bit separately. The price is reasonable too.

Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover

Blue Wave products are very well-known as far as swimming pool accessories go. The Company has been making quality pool products for several years now.

This pool safety cover for inground pools features multi-seamed stitching and a sturdy high-scrim mesh panel. It also has reinforced wear strips on its underside to prevent abrasion.

Blue Wave pool safety cover comes with all the hardware you’d need for installing the cover on concrete.


  • Super-strong two-ply mesh with a break strength of 4000 lb.
  • Brass anchors the recess flush with the deck to prevent tripping
  • Lightweight mesh allows water through and keeps debris out
  • Includes brass anchors, tools, and storage bag as well


  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money


  • Instructions for installation need more clarity.

How it compares

Blue Wave pool safety cover is sturdy and well made. It can take heavy snow loads easily and will bounce back to a normal shape once the snow has melted. It has a breaking weight of 4000 lb. and easily keeps debris out and kids and pets safe. Blue Wave pool safety cover costs about $200 more than the other entries here.

LinerWorld In Ground Rectangle Winter Pool Safety Cover 

LinerWorld’s safety cover is lightweight and made of tight porous mesh to keep water in and debris out. It is also quality tested.

Please note that the manufacturer specifically asks not to walk on the cover.


  • Quality-tested
  • Made of lightweight and made of tight porous mesh. Space for straps 5 x 5
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Several size options – 16 x 32 ft, 16 x 32 ft, 18 x 36 ft, 20 x 40 ft each without and with center end step option


  • Quality-tested
  • Easy to install


  • Tends to sag after rains.

How it compares

LinerWorld’s safety covers have even lasted through harsh Indiana winters and have kept young toddlers from falling in the pool. It is affordably priced and you’d save thousands of dollars on professional pool cover installation by local pool companies. Its DIY installation is fairly easy too.

Conclusion – Can You Walk on a Pool Safety Cover? 

Ideally, you should not walk on pool safety covers as they could sag and you might get drenched or even fall through. However, polypropylene mesh safety covers have been known to keep dogs and young kids from falling into the swimming pool. They certainly keep snow, leaves, and debris out of your pool.

We recommend the HappyBuy Pool Safety Cover for its high tensile strength which is sure to enhance your yard’s safety and also keep debris out of your pool. Its price is reasonable and its durability means you will be getting quite a few years out of it.

Do check out our other recommendations as well.

Below is a YouTube video that discusses the different types of pool safety covers.

Picture of a swimming pool filter system.

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